Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cosmonaut O'Donnel: Work in progress

It suddenly came to me that a blog update is in order, and what better to blog about than work in progress? So here's a modular character project I am currently working on; it was inspired by the antagonist of the Star Fox series Wolf O'Donnell, and includes a base appearance for lounging and a combat kit for business.

I took a rough design concept I developed from some quick explorations in my Drawing for Animators class and used that as a general guide.

I started by blocking out the head in Maya.

...And then the rest of the body soon followed

Then I hit ZBrush for what was pretty much my first time sculpting in the program. It was a big change from Mudbox but once I became accustomed to the camera controls I was able to pick it up pretty quickly. I started with his suit, trying to get large detail for some nice normals to bake later.

More coming soon!